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The rambings and musings of an interesting fellow. Opinions and advice are free. Please feel free to contact me. I love to get mail.

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I buy into the whole “fake news” accusation about our mainstream media.  You’d have to be kidding yourself to think otherwise.  To that end, I’ve assembled links to news sites from all angles. While an admitted staunch conservative, I’ll give the lamestream media a presence here if for no other reason than opposition research and ridicule.  Liberal moral condescension drives much of this “fake news.” Luckily for all of us there are a plethora of other sources for information on the web.  Some of them are kind of kooky, but in them lies some truths that we would never know about. If you are truly open minded, you’ll look at these along with the “newspaper of record” and other organs of the establishment. If you need any more evidence that the mainstream media gets it wrong on the big stories, just harken back to when they predicted that President Trump had no chance of winning. They all lie.

“Daddy’s in the den shootin’ up the evening news”
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