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The rambings and musings of an interesting fellow. Opinions and advice are free. Please feel free to contact me. I love to get mail.


We have been so blessed to have great dogs in our lives.  Here’s a few tribute movies dedicated to their unconditional love for us and our undying gratitude for them.  With love...

Must love dogs!

Ruby was our Bernese Mountain Dog.  She was 11 which unfortunately is old for a Berner. Everyone who met her loved her and she loved them back.  She was a great dog, a great friend, and will be the standard of comparison for any dogs we get in the future.  Thank you Ruby.  I will always love you.

Bonnie rescued us when we lived in Atlanta for awhile.  She came back with us to Maine and lived with us for 17 years which in itself is amazing.  She was shy and we loved her immensely.  When someone like Bonnie is in your life as long as she was, it is hard not to miss her every day.  Thanks Bonnie girl.