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The rambings and musings of an interesting fellow. Opinions and advice are free. Please feel free to contact me. I love to get mail.

Home About Me Fishing

My favorite hobby is fishing.  I do many different types of fishing but I primarily fish for freshwater bass.  In the spring I’ll usually make a few trips to get some stripers in the lower rivers.  In the summer, if I am not bass fishing, I might head on down to one of the town beaches and try for a striper off the beach with a spinning rod or fly rod.  I would love for you to come along sometime.

*Feel free to bring your own rods and tackle if you prefer.

Maine Beer Tasting Rooms

I also have a website that I curate that tracks all of the information you would ever need to know about the Maine craft brewery scene.  It’s the most comprehensive site of its kind.  All of the known breweries in the state are listed along with those that are still in the planning phase.  As they get closer to opening I update their data so it is kept current.  I’m pretty proud of it and I hope you will find it useful.  I always ask everyone to help me spread the news about the website by saying, “Tell your friends!”

Our Dogs:

We have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that we adopted some years back.  He is ten years old and is hysterical.  

We had four dogs at once, but we had to say goodbye to Jimmy, Ruby, and Bonnie after many years of devotion and love in both directions.

You can find out more about the dogs on my dog page.

My Background

I have been doing enterprise-class IT project management since 1995.  In that time I have worked for Sybase, IBM, some internet start-ups, and a variety of boutique consulting companies.  My current focus is to leverage my extensive experience to help companies in maturing their project management processes and infrastructure.  While I have been successful in delivering projects of enormous size, I am trying to size the engagements I work on to be in alignment with my desire to have less stress in my life and more personal interaction with the people I am working with.

Senior IT Project Manager

I have been married to my wife Mary since 1986 when we moved to Maine from Connecticut. We lived in South Portland for nine years before moving to Atlanta, GA for a project assignment I was on while at Sybase.  We moved back to Maine in 1997 and settled in Scarborough.  Much of my professional career has forced me to travel for work which meant I was away from home a lot.  In 2012 I left IBM and have been consulting near home.  I have not been on an airplane since 2012.  I don’t miss it.

We have a daughter, Elizabeth, who went to Furman University in Greenville, SC.  She married Jim Gibson in August 2017 and they live nearby in Saco.  She is now Elizabeth Gibson.

The adventure continues.  Jim and Elizabeth moved to Mainland China in August 2018 and will be there for three to five years.  We miss them both, but they are living their lives and will have many stories to tell, and NO, I have no desire to visit China.

Family Life Welcome. I’m Billy Cook. I’m interested in fishing, Maine craft beer, dogs, politics, fine food and pretty much anything that smacks of a good time.

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