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The rambings and musings of an interesting fellow. Opinions and advice are free. Please feel free to contact me. I love to get mail.


Hello Friend,

Thanks for stopping by.

If you’re not my friend yet, I hope that you will be soon. This is my website which I’ve had for over 20 years!  I had this before everyone was on facebook, twitter, and instagram.  I wanted an outlet to share some of the great times we have living in Maine.  My wife Mary reminds me how lucky we are to live here, a place were others dream about coming to all year for their vacations and adventures.

I hope that you will find this site entertaining and informative. It has gone through many facelifts in that 20 years and each one is an experiment in technology, style, and content.

Hopefully you will bookmark this page and check back often to see what’s new.


“The pelagic zone is any water in an ocean or lake that is neither near the shore nor near the bottom.”

People ask me what is the Pelagic Zone. I use it as a double (triple?) entendre referring to my love of all things aquatic and my view of myself as a big fish in a small pond. Pelagic fish such as sharks, tend to be loners and are at the top of the food chain.  They don’t live near the safety of shore and are self-sufficient.  Be Pelagic!


Elizabeth and Jim got married on August 12, 2017 at the Poland Springs Resort. It was a blast!

Mary is quite the bowler! She’s in a bunch of leagues at Bayside Bowl and has racked up some good games!

We sold the Alaskan and bought a practically new Lund Fury XL 1625 from my friend Henry. We’re getting used to it and look forward to taking her out a lot more.


WelcomeNewsThe Pelagic Zone?“We’re Very Lucky.”

On March 20, 2018 our beloved Ruby died. She was an exceptional dog and we miss her every day.