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What is this site all about?  The general topics listed here will narrow your focus to areas of interest.  I hope you’ll enjoy your investigation and will send me some comments on the Contact Me page if so desired.

What is the Pelagic Zone you ask? Well, the pelagic zone is that region of a lake, river or ocean that is not associated with the shore or the bottom.  Pelagic fishes tend to be your loners, your top predators, away from areas that are safe.  Sometimes I see myself as going my own way, having my own agenda, not fitting in just to fit in.  So in that way, I’m in the Pelagic realm.  It’s hard to explain to folks, but for me, it seems to fit.

Freshwater Fishing

Most of our fishing here at The Pelagic Zone is in freshwater.  This page will have lots of interesting stuff related to fishing in Maine mostly.

Saltwater Fishing

The Atlantic Ocean is only a few miles away from my headquarters.  I fish mostly for striped bass.  I also fish extensively for mackerel to use as live bait.  The area is beautiful and the fishing can be great at times.


Some sites call these blog posts.  You’ll find here random wanderings and experiences on any and all topics.

Maine Beer Tasting Rooms

This is another one of my passions.  Maine has an incredible bounty of breweries, cideries, distilleries, and wineries.  I follow them all here and on the related Facebook, Instagram, and X sites.  I encourage you to check it out but make sure you come back here!!!


Maine is where I live and it is wonderful.  I’ve traveled extensively in America and find that there is no other place for me. There is an abundance of opportunities to do pretty much everything one would want.  We’re located in southern Maine a few miles from the Saco Bay shoreline and its famous sand beaches.  We’re a few minutes south of Portland which is where most of the attractions are.

I’ve created some handy Google maps that you can access here:

Maine Boat Launches

Maine Craft Beer Tasting Rooms Great Quest



I’m publishing my availability so if you want to consider making a fishing date (or drinking date, or anything else), you can get an idea of when would be a good time. Don’t be scared off by any “Busy” time periods.  There is always a good chance I can adjust.

Who: My Friends and Fishing Buddies

Bob Williamson

Ron Colby

Tony Litka

Mary Cook

Xander Colby

Matt Litka

Dave Stanley

Henry Alves

Walter Lavoie