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Yelp! Trip Advisor! Zagat! Urbanspoon! Open Table!  Bah Humbug!!!!!  Do you want to know where to go in the Portland Maine area for some great food?  We’ve been in the area for over 30 years now and are pretty sure of our opinions.  Check here for some great suggestions and narrow your search for great food in one of the foodiest towns in the USA!  If you are in the area and are heading out to dinner, give me a call, maybe we can join you.  Cheers!

Where’s a good place to eat? Best Craft Beer Tasting Rooms

Beer is food! Maine is just crawling with great craft been tasting rooms these days (and it’s just getting better and better). Here are my picks for the best tasting rooms that you are likely to find me in.  If you see me out and about, join me for a beer and whatever we can scrounge up for grub.

Let’s just get this out of the way.  There are so many pizza options in Portland and most of them are pretty lame.  The only ones that I would recommend are these.  Mary makes pizza at home that would make these joints cry.  But, if you have to get a pizza, only go here.

Best Pizza
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BBQ has been exploding in Portland in the past five years or so. Most if it is very good.  Here are the two that we frequent the most.  They have good BBQ and even better tap selections. If you’re going to eat BBQ, you have to have great beer to go with it.  If  they only had better blues music playing....

Best Barbecue

It’s Maine!  There is a LOT of good seafood, but then again we’re snobs when it comes to the places we frequent.  People from away think they are in heaven when they get within 15 feet of a lobster roll but you should seek these places out. Rising Tide has the best views. Ken’s has the best clams.

Best Seafood

Good bakeries are hard to find in Maine so I’ve broken them down into three categories: Best Donuts, Best Bagels, Best Breads.  Some people like those potato donuts, but they are too dense. Save yourself a lot of grief and just trust me on these.

Best Bakeries

Most of what you need you can find at your local Hannaford’s. Sometimes  you have to seek out those places that never disappoint.  I’m sure I’ll be expanding this list as more things come to mind but for now, these are staples for good eating.

Best Specialty Foods

Just like pizza, there’s a lot of Asian (Chinese) food around. Considering the low population of Asian people in the Portland area, sometimes you think they are all involved in the restaurant business.  These are worth your while.

Best Asian Food
Best Sandwich

Coming from “away” you can’t believe what Mainer’s think is a good sandwich.  It’s like trying to describe the Grand Canyon to someone.  Unless you have experienced it, you don’t know what you’re missing.  A good sandwich is vital to your life experience. These two joints do it right. Don’t waste your time anyplace else.

Ah, bars.  Is there any sweeter sounding word?  On top of all the great craft beer in Portland, the number of really good bars is also a blessing.  Thankfully they curate some of the finest that Maine produces so you can substantially reduce your travel between tasting rooms by alighting in one of these. Brilliant!

Best Bars

Sure, restaurant seafood is good, but when you have a master chef in the house (yes, you Mary), the freshest ingredients combined with the best service can make for something really special.  Here are two places we frequent a lot when we want something other than cod or haddock we can get at Hannaford’s.

Best Fish Market

Summer in Maine means ice cream, or sometimes frozen custard. Here are two of our favorites that we must visit when the weather is warm and the bugs are sleeping.  Get a cone or a cup and head on down to Seavy’s Landing to watch the sun set (from the safety of your car with the windows rolled up).

Best Ice Cream Stand
Your Turn

I think you’ll see that the suggestions above will keep you well suited for some time to come.  I can’t be everywhere so I could use your help in building out this list. If you know of something that should be on here, drop me a line.  Just click on the envelope to send me an emaiil.  Cheers!

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